Information for Canadian students

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Information for Canadian students

Мнениеот messierj » 21 Яну 2010, 04:38

Hello fellow students,

I am a canadian student at the University of Quebec in Montreal and I am participating in an international studies project that will take place in the Balkans region in May.

To better help us with our project and all that it requires (lodging, company information,etc), we are looking for a contact situated in Sofia, Bulgarie who would like to guide us in our search.

For example, in regards to our lodging reservation, if we are located in a good area and if we made a good selection.

We would trully appreciate your help,

Thanks in advance,
Julie Messier
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Re: Information for Canadian students

Мнениеот phoebe » 21 Яну 2010, 10:50


I am a student at the Sofia University. I would be able to assist you, but now the exams are starting @ our university so it's hard for anyone to devote time to anything else then studying I believe. You can send me your inqueries by a PM here and if I can answer then straight away I will, but if they require some research I can help you after 20th of february, when my examinations are over :)

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