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Forum Rules

Мнениеот Don Horhe » 24 Фев 2008, 00:55

First, we'd like to welcome all of you to the new English section of the forum. We think that you, the foreign students in Sofia University, are a vital part of the student body, so this is a place where you can share your thoughts, complaints, opinions, information with other students, give recommendations, ask for help if needed and get to meet new people.

To make sure this forum is a place suitable for mature conversation, we have created the following rules:

1. English is the main language of this section of the forum. We understand that many, maybe even most, of you are not native English speakers, but since English is an international language, we would appreciate it being used in all discussions. Exceptions can be made, but bear in mind that we do not carry responsibility for the content of any non-English posts.

2. Before posting a new topic, please make sure that a similar one has not been posted before by using the search function.

3. Keep spam or off topic posts to a minimum.

4. Mind your manners and language. Any pornographic or otherwise offensive content, including that based on race, gender, religion and/or social status will be deleted and their author warned and/or punished.

5. Users who systematically break these rules be warned by a private message. If they continue to break the rules, they will be banned from the forum.
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