Urban Geography in Kardzhali

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Urban Geography in Kardzhali

Мнениеот soulkitchen » 01 Ное 2016, 11:55


I am Özgür Coşkun. I am studying in Marmara University ( Istanbul Kadıköy) I am a final year student in master's degree in Department of Geography of Turkic World. My thesis's topic is " Urban Geography in Kardzhali" Due to my thesis I will come to the Kardzhali for 1 month and I will pursue my research.

In this condition my request from you is that If there are any books articles thesis about Kardzhali could you share them with me or could you help me how to I reach them. Also If there is GIS datas about Kardzhali , the plan of the city, using of the and, and evolution of the city could provide me great benefits.

By the way as I reach I am analyzing articles and books. And I am compiling the datas about Kardzhali inside these articles and books.

Due to the fact that I don't know Bulgarian I can't scan the datas properly, but I think with the help of your guidance I will complete my study successfully.

Best Regards.
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